Why earn.bank?

There is power in simplicity.

With our earn.bank savings products, we strive to give you a transparent, powerful savings vehicle that will help you meet your savings goals.  Straightforward and 100% digital, earn.bank offers simple savings products with premium rates.  While most banks pay little or no interest, earn.bank offers top tier interest rates on Money Market and CD accounts.

A digital bank that leverages technology to cut costs and passes savings on to customers in the form of higher rates, earn.bank is a next generation digital bank committed to service, and easy enough for everyone to use.

Earn more for your savings without having to compromise.

We believe "compromise" isn’t a word that should be used when talking about your money.  Big banks are always asking you to compromise on rates and service.  With earn.bank, you get a digital bank focused on providing a great rate, great customer service, and best in class technology.  Isn’t it time you started to earn more?

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

High yield accounts?  Check.

“Next gen” online banking, mobile apps, and mobile deposit?  Check.

Advanced transfer capability, including ACH, wire, and linked accounts to move money back and forth quickly?  Check.

First class customer service by email and telephone?  Check.

Pricey stadium licensing deal?  Not our idea of spending money wisely.  We’d rather focus on what we do best, and that’s servicing our customers nationwide with simple, premium rate, insured deposit products.